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One and two-player coordinates games.

Tristan and Trevor Triangle are looking for new polygon friends.

Try to find Tristan and Trevor's five polygon friends in as few searches as possible.

Click on the links below to play the games.


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The clues button turns the clues off or on. Type in your names, decide whether you want to see the clues, then click on the play button to play the game. The clues button turns the clues on or off.
Use the sliders to decide on the coordinates. Try to find Tristan or Trevor's five polygon friends in as few searches as possible. In the two-player games the players take it in turns to decide where to look.

Use the slider to decide where you want Tristan or Trevor to look. Click on the OK button.
Tristan or Trevor will walk to the coordinates you have chosen.
You are 4.5 squares away from a polygon friend.You will be told how far away Tristan or Trevor is from a polygon friend.
An example of a clue.

Clues are given using words such as sum, product, factor, multiple, less than, greater than and x-coordinate.
In Tristan and Trevor 2 the clues use algebraic expressions such as y>10, x<10, y = 5x, y = 2x + 3.


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