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Active Maths Games 1
One and two-player games
The top 5 high scores for the one-player games are saved on our server.
See this month's high scores. The high scores are reset at the start of each month.

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Subscribers can now play their own class games. Register your class so that your class's high scores can be saved.

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Have a look at your class's high scores

Enter your password then the name of the class. Click on individual games high scores when the high scores have been loaded. The high scores can be printed.

You can play all the games for free but after about 90 seconds a password message will appear on the screen. Buy a password to stop this happening. Type your password in the password box then click on the 'go' button or press <enter>. The password box will then disappear and the password message will not appear. If you want to subscribe to any Active Maths resources please go to our main website:

Play Up the Wall games

Link to Up the Wall games
Mental arithmetic games
Sum, product and difference.
Six one-player strategy games.

Play Splat Games

Link to Splat Games
Mental arithmetic interactive whiteboard two-player games.
Add small numbers, integers, multiples of ten, decimals, money.
Also splat times tables.

Play Swap Over games

Link to Swap Over games

Swap the functions,
change the input number...
try to hit the target.
Two one-player games.

Play Gunk the Punk

Play Gunk the Punk
Estimate angles up to 180 degrees.
Protractors not allowed!!
Move the punk to the
right angle to get gunked.
A one-player game.

Play Line 'em Up
Play Line 'em Up
Times tables games
Two-player strategy games
involving times-tables.

Play Space Invaders

Play Space Invaders
Rotation and symmetry games
One-player games.

Play Coordinates Games
Play Coordinates Games
Help Tristan and Trevor Triangle
find some polygon friends.
One and two-player coordinates games.

Play Sorted Games

Play Sorted Games
Sort whole numbers,
decimals and fractions.

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