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Active Maths subscriptions can be purchased by post or fax using an order form or online using the form below.

Active Maths subscriptions can also be purchased from the Active Maths shop using a credit card.

A site licence means that all the teachers in one school can use the resources with all their classes.

Buy Active Maths subscriptions using an order form (pdf)

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Payment must be included with all postal orders unless they are official school orders.
Please make cheques payable to 'Active Maths Ltd'.

Fax the completed form to:
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International Orders: +44 870 123 6024
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Secondary Schools
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An annual subscription to all the resources on the Active Maths website (school site licence): Whiteboard Worksheets (primary and secondary),
Active Worksheets, Active Maths Games 1 and 2, Active Algebra and Active Fractions & Decimals.

The price of an annual subscription is reduced after the first year: £80.00 (first year),
£75.00 (second year), £70.00 (third year), £65.00 (fourth year), £60.00 (fifth and subsequent years).

Secondary school one-year subscription to the whole lot

Go to Whiteboard Worksheets
Whiteboard Worksheets (secondary) one-year subscription
Active Worksheets
Active Worksheets one-year subscription
Active Maths Games 1    
Active Maths Games 1 one-year subscription
Active Maths Games 2    
Active Maths Games 2 one-year subscription
Active Algebra    
Active Algebra one-year subscription
Active Fractions & Decimals    
Active Fractions & Decimals one-year subscription

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Buy an annual subscription from the online Active Maths shop.
Use a secure server to purchase the password. Simply select the currency from a drop-down menu.
Please note that the price for European Union customers is plus 20% VAT

Whiteboard Worksheets (secondary) (annual subscription): price £30.00 + 20% VAT

Active Worksheets (annual subscription) Individual user: price £20.00 + 20% VAT

Active Maths Games 1 (annual subscription): price £20.00 +20% VAT

Active Maths Games 2 (annual subscription): price £20.00 + 20% VAT

Active Algebra (annual subscription): price £20.00 + 20% VAT

Active Fractions & Decimals (annual subscription): price £20.00 + 20% VAT

A computer-generated password will be e-mailed to you straightaway. You will then be contacted by e-mail to enable you to choose your own personalised password.
SWREG, the company who handle our online sales, will add the option of a 'Registration Backup Service'. You do not need to choose this option.

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