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Interpreting data in tables, graphs and charts

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An example of the graphs


An example of a distance-time graph.

A section of a timetable.

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Conversion graph

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O11: A variety of line graphs
Four types of graph
Please press F11 to view the resource full-screen.
Four different line graphs: click the buttons on the left to select the type of graph.
Change grid and numbers

The type of graph selected is shown.
There are two types of graph paper, click the 'grid' button.
Change the numbers on the axes by clicking the 'numbers' button.

Hide or show the graphs
Use these buttons to show or hide the graphs. The top row will generate the same graphs every time, the bottom row generate random graphs. The lines show the colour of the graphs.
Hide the buttons
Show the buttons
Use these buttons to hide or show the buttons panel
Click on the 'print' button to print the graph. Best printed in landscape format.

Link to distance-time graphO1: Distance-time graph and train timetable
Please press F11 to view the resource full-screen.

A seaside train travels along the promenade from the tower to the lighthouse.
The train's timetable can be displayed and a distance-time graph is drawn as the train moves.
The timetable shows the 24 hour arrival and departure times of the train.
The graph shows the time and distance, in miles, from the tower. Click on the 'go' button to start the journey.

the buttonsThe buttons:
Click on the 'go' button to start the journey.
Top left: show or hide the timetable.
Top middle: Show or hide the times in the timetable: click in the timetable to show or hide individual times.
Top right: show or hide the graph.
Bottom left: replay the journey showing the graph generated.
Bottom middle: replay the journey showing the graph already generated.
Bottom right: zoom in or out of the graph ( the graph can be dragged left or right).

O2: Conversion graphs (best viewed in full-screen mode, press F11)
This conversion graph resource will generate the following graphs:

Use these buttons. km-miles
metres-feet and inches
kg-pounds and ounces
kg-stones and pounds
The exchange rate can be changed.

£ - € euros
£ - $ US
£ - Japanese Yen
£ - South Korean Won
Use the slider to change the rate of exchange.

Click on the lineClick on the line to show the values at that point.

Link to the pie chart resource

O3: Drawing and interpreting pie charts

Select a slice to be coloured inThis resource will show how a pie chart is constructed.
1. Choose the number of segments.

2. Select a colour.

3. Click in a slice to colour it in (see example).
The pointer will indicate the slice.

4. Colour in all the slices.


Interpreting pie charts
Work out or estimate the numbers. The total for each pie chart is shown.

O9: One pie chart
O10: Two pie charts

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O4: Mean, Median and Range

Three small numbers are generated. the mean, median and range are worked out.
Click on the numbers to hide or show them.

Hide the three numbers, click on 'change'. Can you work out what the three numbers are? Hide the range: is it still possible to work out the three numbers?
Show two of the numbers, what is the third?
How much information is needed to enable you to work out the three numbers and the three statisitics?

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Use sorting diagrams

O5: Sorting numbers in a Venn diagram: odd, even, multiples, greater than, less than.

O6: Sorting numbers in a Carroll diagram: odd, even, multiples, greater than, less than.

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Link to coins tossing simulation


O7: Coins tossing simulation: Toss up to four coins up to 100 times.

O8: Identify the mystery spinner: a mystery spinner is spun 100 times and the results recorded. Identify the mystery spinner from the results.

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