Tiny square
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Use coordinates in all four quadrants

Link to activity
Link to activity
Shapes made from squares

Identify the coordinates

The coordinates of some of the vertices of a shape are given, the numbers on the axes and the grid are hidden. What are the coordinates?
Drag the shapes or click on the 'change' button.

N1: Positive coordinates

N2: All four quadrants

N3: Shapes made from squares in all four quadrants
See the example on the left.

Example of question
Mid-point finder example
Use these buttons to change the options
Mid-point finder buttons

Given the coordinates of points A and B, find the mid-point of the line segment AB.

N4: Interactive mid-point finder: drag the two black points and watch the mid-point change. Use the buttons (shown on the left) to turn the coordinates on or off and show or hide the mid-point.

N5: Vertical or horizontal line
N6: Diagonal line

Given the coordinates of points A and B, calculate the length of AB (Pythagoras' theorem)

N7: Use Pythagoras' theorem

N8: Interactive distance-between-two-points resource: drag the two black points. The distance between the two points is worked out using Pythagoras' theorem. Click in the big answer box to see the working out. Use the button to turn the coordinates on or off.

N11: Work out the gradient of the line joining two points: drag the two black points. Click the buttons.

Link to transformation resource


Reflect, rotate and translate shapes, write down the coordinates

N9: Interactive transformation resource: drag the yellow triangle and watch the transformations. Use the buttons to show or hide the translation, reflections or rotations. Turn the labels and coordinates on or off.

Turn the transparent triangles off or on.The transparent triangles can be used as 'answers'. Select the triangle and drag it to where you think the reflection or rotation is going to be.


N10: Interactive reflections resource: drag the yellow shape with the black outline and watch the reflections change. Select the shape using the buttons. Turn the labels and coordinates on or off.

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