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Roman numerals

Number bonds to 100

Add two numbers and round to the nearest 10
Use digit cards to make multiples
mental arithmetic
Number triangles
Coordinates: read and plot

Stem and Leaf diagrams
Area and/or arc lengths of sectors of circles
Standard form
Multiplying and dividing
Area and circumference of circles
Mean, median and range
Substitiute numbers into expressions

Four levels of difficulty

Tips for teachers
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All the Active Worksheets
are available as interactive whiteboard resources. Ideal for whole class teaching, lesson-starters, mental starters and demonstrations. Hundreds of questions, equations, problems, angles, simulations etc are available at the click of a button. Have a look..

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Welcome to Active Worksheets: quality worksheets at the click of a button (perhaps two or three clicks).
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The worksheets

Each Active Worksheet can be identified by its own code, for example A5, K3. Make a note of this code in your planning document so that you can quickly find the worksheet you need. The code also appears on the printed worksheet.
The Active Worksheets are linked to the corresponding Whiteboard Worksheets: this button This button will take you to the corresponding Whiteboard Worksheet will take you there.

Use the drop-down menus to find the worksheets.

Here's how the worksheets work....
Click on the "change" button and watch the numbers, angles, shapes or equations change.
Type your password in to the password box on a worksheet then click on the 'print' button to print a pupil worksheet and an answer sheet. The password box will disappear if a known password is entered.
This is a small chunk of a worksheet, try clicking on 'change' and 'print' (yes, you can print it).

PC users can see the answer sheet and pupil worksheet by clicking the right button on your mouse and moving forward and backward through the different sheets. The title of the worksheet can be edited: click in the title box and change the text.

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